Inspirational Life Coaching
What is Coaching and how does it work?

When most of us think of coaching, we conjure up warm memories
and feelings of a favorite high school football, baseball, soccer or
coach. You know the individual I'm referring to, that one
adult who wasn't related but who would nudge us along; pushing,
inspiring and motivating us to be the best athlete we could be. At
times they made us mad and other times they were the apple of our
eye, encouraging and acknowledging our greatness!  That
individual that truly understood us.

The definition and role of an
Inspirational Life Coach is not far from
that early childhood image we fondly protect and preserve in the
recesses of our minds. One difference is that the recipients of this
service are usually adults (although many are still children at heart),
however, children and teenagers could and do benefit from
as well. It benefits the client by helping them through transitions in
their lives; whether it be personally or professionally, helping them
to grow and evolve to the next level they are aspiring to achieve.  
There are countless uses for
coaching.  Some include but are not
limited to:

~ You becoming a more successful and profitable salesperson
~ You becoming a more successful performer (sports,
music, theatre, entertainment, public speaking, etc.)
~ You becoming a more successful supervisor or manager
~ You becoming a more confident and successful parent
~ You becoming more successful at loosing or gaining weight
~ You becoming a more confident and successful leader

Another difference is that
Inspirational Life Coaching draws from a
number of disciplines, such as psychology, sociology, career and
guidance counseling, as well as other types of counseling,
economics, etc.
Coaching employs goal setting and achievement,
behavior modification, behavior modeling, values assessment and
clarification, mentoring, etc. It helps the client to become aware of
the many options that are available to them, helping them to think
and experience life "outside the box", and providing new and fresh
perspectives on old and stale situations and problems. Coaching is
ACTION oriented!

How is Inspirational Life Coaching different than
Counseling and Psychotherapy?

In Counseling and/or Psychotherapy, the therapist helps the client
to explore the connection between our past programming and
conditioning and the challenges they face in their lives presently.
Specifically, it helps them to become more aware of the negative
thought, feeling and behavioral
patterns that have developed and
habitual over the years. This exploration and increased
awareness serves as a catalyst prompting the client to change or
re-program/re-condition themselves, realizing the many choices
and options they could now employ. It is primarily past and present

Inspirational Life Coaching, as mentioned above, the coach
helps the client determine or define what goal(s) s/he would like to
achieve. The
coach then helps create the step by step "road map" to
that end.  There is no societal stigma attached to receiving this type
of service as there has been with receiving counseling and/or
psychotherapy. Thus many people are more apt to choose this form
of help over counseling and/or psychotherapy.
Inspirational Life
is present and future oriented.
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